With the advent of monsoon , babies and kids are majorly prone to diarrhoea and dysentery commonly known as loose motion . It is caused by rotavirus which affects the intestine and prevents absorption of nutrients from the food consumed.

Once the baby/kid has loose motion , they lose weight, grows weak and tired due to the dehydration.  It occurs as frequent loose motions with or without vomiting .

In babies, the consistency of the poop could be very runny filled with mucus and phlegm. In older kids, it occurs as irritation, tummy ache and frequent bowel movements.

When my baby had loose motion, I was worried too. But with  proper food and other precautions, her loose motion stopped within one day . Here are the remedial measures we took :

  1. Hydration

If its a breastfed baby, breastfeed as and when the baby demands. It helps to restore the water lost from the body. My baby was breastfed throughout the day whenever she demanded.

If the baby is formula fed or above 6 months, ORS could be given. ORS packets are easily available in medical stores.

If the ORS packets are not available, 1 teaspoon of sugar and equal amount of salt can be mixed in the cooled boiled water and provided after each bowel movement. This helps to restore the lost ions and water from the body.

2. Food intake during this time

Though the nutrients are not absorbed properly at this time, food is required for immunity buildup. All these foods can be provided.

  • Boiled potatoes
  • Boiled pasta (for older kids)
  • Arrow root powder with a little salt made in to a runny porridge with water/curd
  • Kanji paani /gruel water. If the kid can have whole rice, you can give it as well
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Steamed kerala banana or kerala banana mash  without ghee
  • ORS solution every 2 hours
  • Tender Coconut water /nariyal paani / ilaneer
  • Soups
 NO cow’s milk or buffalo milk for the baby/kid during this time.
3. Hygiene
  • Always sanitize the area where the kid/baby plays  by cleaning with a good floor disinfectant cleaner.
  • Always wash yours and your baby/kid’s hands with hand wash /anti bacterial wipes.

If the loose motion  is followed by vomiting or contains blood stains in poop/stool, it indicates an infection thereby the kid should be taken to doctor ASAP.


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