Looking for a 6 month old feeding schedule?

What food to give to a six month old? How can I make a food chart for six month old baby?

When to give food? How much to give? Is this food ok at this age?

Will that food cause allergy?

When your baby is ready for solids, you as parents would be super excited for touching a new milestone and at the same time you are left with so many doubts and worries.

To help you find answer to these questions, here is an insight of the various foods that could be introduced for a 6 month old baby. Also there is a printable food chart for a complete month to make things easy.

Things you should know before introducing solids to your 6 month old baby:

  • As per pediatricians six months is the recommended age for introducing any food other than breast milk or formula milk in a babies diet. So wait for your baby to be 6 months.
  • Signs like sitting with support, showing readiness to accept food or chew food, showing interest in food etc shows that its time to introduce solids in your baby’s menu.
  • Always follow the goldan rule or 3 to 7 day rule while introducing new foods to your baby.
  • Know the symptoms of food allargy and also the precautions to avoid food allergy
  • Introduce new food items as breakfast. Avoid giving new food items during dinnertime. This is to help you watch your baby for food allergy and also to know whether he/she has any discomfort after having the new food.
  • Introducing solids can cause constipation in some babies.
  • Know the quantity of water a 6 month old baby needs
    Babies who are under 6 months of age don’t require water as breast milk or formula milk will meet their entire water requirement. But for babies of age 6 months and above and who have started on solids can have 2 to 4 ounces of water per day. This includes water in any form including soup, plain water or gruel water.
  • Also some 6-month-old babies may not be ready for 3 meals a day. If your little one is not showing interest in having solids for any of the three meals, replace it with breast milk or formula milk.
  • You can start by offering 1 or 2 tablespoon of each food. If he/she is showing more interest you can give her more. Never force-feed.
  • Start giving food in purees/liquid consistency and slowly thicken the consistency of the food taking cues from your little one.

Foods that can be included in a six month old baby’s diet:

What should 6 months old be eating is the most confusing question that every parent faces. To help you get an answer to this question, I have provided the various food items that can be introduced to your 6-month-old baby. You can start with any of these foods while starting solids in your baby’s diet.

Grains/Cereals/Pulses: Oats, Barley, Rice, Semolina (Rava/Sooji),Split yellow gram (moong dal), whole green gram. Wheat can be introduced during the last week of 6th month.

Fruits: Apples, Peach, Banana, Avocado, Plums, Chikoo, Pear and Dates

Vegetables: Carrots, French Beans, Sweet potato, Beetroot, Sweet Pumpkin

Non-Vegetarian foods: None

Dairy: None. Avoid giving cow’s milk as the main drink till your little one is 1 year old. Stick to breast milk or formula till then.

Avoid sugar and salt from a 6 month old baby’s diet.

Ideal 6 Month Old Feeding Schedule:

Here is an ideal food chart for 6 months old.

Keep in mind that breast milk or formula should be the major part of a six-month-old baby’s diet. So breastfeed or bottle-feed first and then give him solid food.

As we have to follow the three to seven day rule, we can introduce not more than 6-8 new foods in a month.

The given food chart is to give you an idea of how to start solids for your baby. Please customize it as per your requirements/ comfort. For example if you want to introduce dal ka pani first, then go for that first.

Formula would be heavier than breast milk hence formula feed babies might not receive the foods on the exact time as defined in this chart.

The timings given are just for reference. Adjust the timing according to your baby’s schedule for both breastfed and formula fed babies.



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